XHEATING Patio heaters


Outdoor Gas Heaters and Electric Patio heaters can make you enjoy the outdoor is the perfect solution when you have guests in your outdoor seating areas. In Dubai’s warm weather. Outdoor Gas heaters can be considered as decoration piece allow you to use the outdoor heater on cold nights. But in colder weather, you will extend this gas patio heaters use up to 6 months.We have Commercial grade Patio heaters, residential outdoor heaters, and table top outdoor gas heaters, we had heaters for LPG and natural gas as well electrical outdoor heaters. All our heaters waterproof and built for outdoor use.Our heaters provide outdoor heating in a much very chic modern style.Those outdoor heaters are very safe and environment-friendly.

Our wide variety of patio heaters available to meet any customer requirements the size is depending on the total area need to be covered and the layout of the out space. The most famous mushroom patio heaters are suitable when your guests can stand under; the table top heaters can be used to heat only the people sitting on one table. Other outdoor heaters can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The power source can be propane, natural gas or electric. Also, the shape and style is a critical factor because you have to consider how it looks in the space.we can also provide several options for the same heater color including stainless steel to bronze, brown, black or gold platedWe

Installed outdoor gas and electrical outdoor heaters.Our portable patio heaters you can place them anywhere because they don’t require any installation, you can use standard gas tanks (cylinder installed outdoor heaters you need professional service to do it correctly.Our electric Outdoor patio heaters are low-cost and very easier to operate just plug and play, like any home electrical appliance.

Heat Output:
The heating output of patio heaters can be anywhere from 5,000 Btu and up to 50,000 Btu. The small tabletop heaters can be used at each table with small output power. While Mushroom outdoor heaters can provide up to 40,000 Btu. The pyramid outdoor heaters can provide up to 18,000 BTU. The electrical heater heat elements can provide from 5000 and up to 50,000 Watt.

Shape and style
Since patio heater needs to look nice and beautiful, we offer you many elegant designs. Some people prefer the pyramid shape square or triangular some other like the mushroom shape; we offer them in many color options. Outdoor heaters should complement the design of your patio. The glass tube patio heaters look more modern around the fire flames and LED lights.

Outdoor heaters make a big difference. You will need them for cold nights. Outdoor gas heaters are cost effective solution for heating and as flame decoration art.

Get Cozy with Gas Outdoor Heaters in Dubai

Dubai is one of a beautiful place in the world which has the enjoyment and many pleasures that can be offered to the visitors. Enjoying Dubai seems like a heaven on a desert. Speaking of enjoying Dubai, especially at night, Dubai has the best landscape of the city because it has a view of stars from the Tom of the building. However, in enjoying the evening at Dubai, we need something warm because it has cold weather at night. Patio heaters in Dubai are available to be the additional stuff for enjoying the night. The heaters are available also in many choices of the specification.

The night at Dubai, this is different with another place in the world. Compared with Vegas and the other exclusive locations, Dubai can be said that this is the number first destination for those people who want to have elegant enjoyment. Using the Outdoor heaters in Dubai, we can add cozier atmosphere outside the building. It comes with the warm temperature that adds the condition for enjoying the beauty of Dubai City. More, about the heaters, there are many style and specifications for outdoor type. To get one for enjoyment, you can find yours here with some exciting offerings of the patio heaters.we have many shapes of outdoor gas heaters and outdoor electrical heaters suits any occasion.all our gas patio heaters available for rent also.