12.5kW Commercial Gas Patio Heater



  • Gas Patio heater Mushroom umbrella type
  • Material : reflector–Aluminum with fast heat conductivity , weather resistant, and light weight for easy mobility; Main post, gas cylinder housing and cover , the base is stainless steel 202; fire screen: stainless steel 304.
  • Total height: 2250mm; Base Dia:460mm*90mm(H)
  • Gas cylinder Housing: Dia. 390mm *765mm(H); Main
  • Pole Dia : 56mm* 850mm(H)
  • Burner Unit : dia.280mm*290mm(H)
  • Control box: 230mm*230mm
  • Flame Screen: Dia. 275mm*230mm
  • Support Post: 20mm* 20 mm*723mm(H)
  • One complete Aluminum Reflector:Dia.815mm
  • Power: 5000-13,000W
  • Fuel: propane or butane or LPG
  • Gas consmption:450-870g/hr
  • Piezoelectric ignition with variable gas control valve
  • Automatic shut-off device With Anti-tilt switch
  • self-contained unit
  • weather proof for outdoor (Rain-protected)
  • high Wind resistance
  • Mushroom umbrella Attractive design
  • stand alone with LPG (no need for electricity)
  • best quality ignition system.
  • safety pilot mode.

Mushroom Patio heater is the most powerful and effective patio heater in Dubai market today, our commercial Mushroom outdoor heater heat output up to 12kW of heat to provide your guests warm place at outdoor parties, events and more. we can also supply you with via our partners the gas as well on delivery, no hassle for you.

*prices subject to slight change depending on area and supplier gas prices at the time of hire