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Patio heaters, The most common ones also known as umbrella or mushroom heaters, are one handy source of warmth during the times when Mr. Santa Claus has to dive into our chimneys. While the good ol’ firewood may have been popular in the past years, fire too must evolve. In fact, it got its own metal armor! By burning gases like methane, the patio heater uses this metal covering to radiate the heat and direct the flame’s energy to a screen, emitting the received thermal energy in a circular pattern to its surroundings. The patio heaters are efficient too, they have silver coatings under the armor that reflect most of the heat back, eliminating the chance of heat loss through conduction. Clearly such power can’t be given to one individual. That’s why they come in different types! While the described above were gas patio heaters, the others are: 

  1. Electric Patio Heaters 
  2. Pyramid Patio Heaters 

Electric Patio Heaters may not be like the gas patio heaters, but they do have swag of their own. In fact, these outdoor heaters can do much more! Using electricity instead of gas may not be convenient to some, but these retain their credit by being odorless and without any open flames. This further increases the top-notch fame they already had. Electric patio heaters are safe to say, safe. No one carries around methane with them (that would be nuts! And dangerous!) but most of the population does have electricity supply. Electricity is also easier to work around with since our generation lives off it.  

Pyramid Patio Heaters are—no. They are not illuminati. Jeez! They are evil, yes, evil to cold surroundings. They may not exactly be a different type of patio heater but technically a differently structured heater. The main attribute of it is its attractive look. Pyramid patio heaters bring justice to cold-hearted outdoors, with style! Apparently, this heater’s flames dance inside which can be seen through glass coverings. This way, you get to see the flames like in gas patio heaters, and are safe from open flames like in electric patio heaters. Man, these patio heaters just keep getting better and better! 

Patio heaters may not be pocket-friendly to everyone. So, they are available to be rented too! Rental patio heaters help spread their warmth to tourists in hotels or motels. A week’s stay in the hotel may want to convince the tourists to buy one of their own. This all contributes to the patio heater’s greatness which paves the way for more types to be uncovered in the uncertain future ahead. 

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